Top 10 affiliate program for beginners


10 Affiliate program 

Affiliate marketing is a well-known source of income these days.  Thousands of freelancers all over the world are working in this industry and are self-employed.  Many people are happy to work from home for big companies.  Affiliate marketing can be done using a smartphone, laptop, desktop or any digital device.

If you are also thinking about affiliate marketing.  Then today's post is for you.  In this post we will discuss about top 10 affiliate networks.  You can earn thousands of dollars per month by working with them.


The top affiliate program we discuss is Clickbank Affiliate.  It is said that Clickbank pays a commission of around 75% of the product value to its promoters.  That is if you sell a product for $100.  Then your commission is 75$.  So Click Bank will make all the big affiliate programs of the world look insignificant.

 Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world.  Thousands of people around the world buy and sell products from Amazon every day.  And in that context, Amazon is launching the Amazon Affiliate Program.  Where anyone can easily create an account and earn by selling Amazon products to people.

Amazon Affiliate Benefits

Amazon is very well known in various countries including America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  Amazon's products are almost everyone's top choice.  So if you are affiliating on Amazon then you don't have to worry about selling products.  Because people trust Amazon very easily.  And used to sell products there.

Amazon Affiliate Commission

Amazon pays freelancers a good commission on almost all of their products, but products have separate commission systems.

Amazon offers different commissions depending on different categories like:

Other 8 top affiliate program will be explain next post..